Disruption is the new norm – from technology through to business models. In a global market complexity is a given. The StepChange Change Management practice includes a high performing team of Strategy Change Managers, Change Managers and Change Communicators who together are Lean / Agile enablers to help innovate and transform, not just “re-tool” an organisation with the same culture in place.

Digital transformation success demands that users adopt new business processes, ways of working, technology and software. Our change management team has worked on many transformation projects and has the capabilities and experience to ensure we bring together employees, data, and processes to create value and effective change for people.

StepChange Change Practitioners have experience in a wide range of methodologies and tools to build change management capability. We work with clients to assess change management maturity and develop tailored approaches and plans to build change capability within organisations. We can provide you with an individual person or a team of people.