StepChange was originally formed in 2003 from a very successful team of professionals that previously enjoyed success working for one of the "Big Five" consultancies. Since then we have flourished as a winning team delivering complex projects together, especially in capital intensive industries such as mining, utilities and oil and gas.

StepChange has core capability in project and support services including Digital, Strategy, Technology and Change Management, especially for major Enterprise Application Implementations. We have well defined methods, accelerators, tools and services to drive the success of our customers investments and we are especially adept at turning around difficult projects that have gone off the rails into successful outcomes.

We have earned a reputation for delivery excellence and a network of best-in- industry strategic associates as our reputation grows in a market that is being transformed by the advances in cloud technology.

StepChange is committed to helping our clients eliminate unnecessary capital IT expenditure and application support overheads through the adoption of a digital strategy that is predicated on business outcomes rather than technical assets.